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All these blog posts are for new mums who want reliable information and effective exercises to help bring their body back after giving birth.  There is professional advice and great signposts for fixing bladder, bowel, abdominal and pelvic floor problems.  Here are all the articles in the the order they were written or you can jump straight to a category to suit you from the menu bar.

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my favorite standing pelvic floor exercise

My favourite standing pelvic floor exercise, ever

By Amanda Savage | Jan 5, 2018

This is absolutely my favourite standing pelvic floor exercise.   I love that it anchors you to the spot with a quick little routine to stop you getting distracted part way through.  Honestly takes 35 seconds but pings your pelvic floor muscles awake.  Little and often improves muscle memory, reaction times, and encourages quick muscle […]

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vaginal cones and weights explained by a physiotherapist

Vaginal cones: a modern girl’s guide to the ancient art of pelvic floor weights

By Amanda Savage | Sep 28, 2017

Vaginal cones and weights; relatively cheap and a good way to progress your pelvic floor training Vaginal cones and weights are a very different concept to electronic devices, cheaper and more accessible for most people.  There is a bit of a knack to using them correctly.   They are particularly good for building the endurance qualities […]

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bladder leaks when running? 6 physio tips for discreet ways to stay dry and avoid a VPL

Bladder leaks when running? 6 discreet ways to keep dry and avoid a VPL

By Amanda Savage | Jul 27, 2017

What do you do if you worry about bladder leaks when running, at the gym, your exercise class, or playing with your children ? Mums I meet in clinic tell me that they avoid events that require them to look “sporty”.  They worry about a VPL if they wear the normal figure hugging  gym kit. […]

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the knack: your pelvic floor is for preventing urine leaks when you cough or sneeze

The Knack: my No 1 piece of physio advice for new mums

By Amanda Savage | Jun 21, 2017

I still clearly remember  when I helped a client stop leaking in just one week by teaching her the Knack – and she was FURIOUS. Sarah came to physio with the problem of urinary stress incontinence, leaking urine when she coughed and sneezed. It had been happening since her second son was born……….17 years before. […]

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3 Ps of a perfect poo: are you sitting comfortably? Amanda Savage specialist physiotherapist gives sound and hilarious advice

3 Ps of a perfect poo: are you sitting comfortably?

By Amanda Savage | Apr 9, 2017

There are 3 Ps of a perfect poo which you should keep in mind during your ablutions!  Are you doing any naturally?  How do you sit?  Do some people in your family take a LONG time in the toilet? Who reads the paper? Should you keep books in the loo? Might you be helping too […]

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Postnatal sex giving you Valentine's blues?

Postnatal sex giving you Valentine’s blues?

By Amanda Savage | Feb 5, 2017

When you are busy with a newborn baby, sex can drop quite low on your ‘to do’ list.  If it isn’t even comfortable when you do find the moment, it is all too easy to lose the intimacy in your adult relationship.  There are some simple but effective things you can do yourself, straight away, to […]

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early postnatal exercises have many benefits

Postnatal exercises for the early days

By Amanda Savage | Nov 5, 2016

Early postnatal exercises have lots of benefits Get a free Exercise booklet & exercise video. I believe that if your body is a good place you will cope better with the physical and emotional demands of motherhood.  Even though you are busy with your delicious newborn baby, taking time out to do some early postnatal […]

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Can I do exercises after a Caesarean? Expert physio advice from Amanda Savage

Can I do exercises after a Caesarean?

By Amanda Savage | Sep 11, 2016

Free safe exercise booklet & video Many women are worried about doing any exercises after a Caesarean section and find themselves becoming very stiff, hunched over and uncomfortable. Physiotherapists promote MOVEMENT as soon as possible after a Caesarean to help your circulation, stretch out your abdominal wall, regain your posture, engage your pelvic floor and support […]

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What's the difference between pelvic floor biofeedback and stimulation units?

What’s the difference between a pelvic floor biofeedback device and a stimulation machine?

By Amanda Savage | May 24, 2016

*denotes an affiliate link There are two types of units you can use to help improve your internal muscles –  pelvic floor biofeedback devices and muscle stimulation units. Pelvic floor Muscle Stimulation Units These units are designed to be used at home to artificially stimulate the pelvic floor muscles to work. Electrical impulses are sent from the […]

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