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This information is for you, your mum, your partner, their mum, your toddler and your book club friends...... Some of the things we don't talk about but maybe wish we knew? Why do tampons go sideways? How should you sit to poo? What's the difference between lubricants? Do share.

my favorite standing pelvic floor exercise

My favourite standing pelvic floor exercise, ever

By Amanda Savage

This is absolutely my favourite standing pelvic floor exercise.   I love that it anchors you to the spot with a quick little routine to stop you getting distracted part way through.  Honestly takes 35 seconds but pings your pelvic floor muscles awake.  Little and often improves muscle memory, reaction times, and encourages quick muscle […]

the knack: your pelvic floor is for preventing urine leaks when you cough or sneeze

The Knack: my No 1 piece of physio advice for new mums

By Amanda Savage

I still clearly remember  when I helped a client stop leaking in just one week by teaching her the Knack – and she was FURIOUS. Sarah came to physio with the problem of urinary stress incontinence, leaking urine when she coughed and sneezed. It had been happening since her second son was born……….17 years before. […]

3 Ps of a perfect poo: are you sitting comfortably? Amanda Savage specialist physiotherapist gives sound and hilarious advice

3 Ps of a perfect poo: are you sitting comfortably?

By Amanda Savage

There are 3 Ps of a perfect poo which you should keep in mind during your ablutions!  Are you doing any naturally?  How do you sit?  Do some people in your family take a LONG time in the toilet? Who reads the paper? Should you keep books in the loo? Might you be helping too […]

Why do tampons go sideways? Amanda Savage, specialist physio, explains

Why do tampons go sideways?

By Amanda Savage

Have you ever had the experience of an uncomfortable tampon or one that looks as though only the side half of it has absorbed anything? So annoying.  Why do tampons go sideways? A BIT OF VAGINA ANATOMY The vagina inside is surprisingly wide and stretchy, leaving plenty of room for things to move about.  In […]

What is the difference between water-based and oil-based lubricants? Specialist Physiotherapist Amanda Savage explains

What is the difference between water-based & oil-based lubricants?

By Amanda Savage

If sex is painful, personal lubricant could be life-changing.  It is useful to understand the difference between water-based lubricants and oil-based lubricants. If you have you have never tried a personal lubricant you might not realise what you have been missing. Those inventors should get Nobel Prizes!  Forget teen movie references to ‘lube and gloves.   […]

3 Great Pelvic Floor Exercise Apps

By Amanda Savage

If you have a smart phone you may enjoy one of the new pelvic floor exercise apps.  These are great innovations.  This week I have  tried out a couple of  reminder apps (Squeezy & my pff), a tracking app (Elvie) and an exercise workout to watch on your phone (Pelvic Floor First) Road-testing has had entertaining […]