Pelvic Floor School

pelvic floor school anatomy and exercises

Puzzled by Pelvic Floor?

Just had your baby?  Do you need to get started on safe, effective, pelvic floor  exercises?  Or got a bit bored with your usual ones and needing a reboot?  Or want to ask some questions?

The videos below cover the essential anatomy (you need to understand it to make it work) and a variety of exercises.  Don't hesitate to ask if your question is not covered here and I will write a post for you.

Where exactly IS the pelvic floor?

I know that you will find it much easier to do pelvic floor exercises if you have got a good visual picture in your head of where they are and most importantly how BIG they are.  When I show my life size pelvis in clinic that is the first thing most people comment on.  They are the same size as two hands put together! 

What does the pelvic floor do?

Not just one but THREE different things.  A quick explanation with my trusty model to show you how the pelvic floor  can help to stop bladder leaks, control the urge to wee and keep your pelvic organs supported.

How to do the classic pelvic floor exercise properly

Let's do the classic pelvic floor exercise, together.  I will talk you through it exactly as if you were sitting with me in clinic.  Then you can be sure you are thinking about the right things, good timing, relaxing properly in between. And then how to use the muscles for The Knack, protecting yourself from a leak when you cough.