Amanda’s postnatal pilates videos

Birth to 6 weeks or Caesarean to 6 weeks
Stretch & Relax is good for partners too!
MInd the Gap I & II for non-crunch abs work
Pre-run do 10 mins prep to prime the core
I have enjoyed collaborating with online platform PACTSTER to create a series of videos for new mums to follow - straight from delivery until you feel ready to step out into mainstream exercise again. See below for a promotional code for an extended whole month free access to these videos.
The videos show all the exercises which we teach you in clinic as well as having a bit more 'flow' with warms ups and cool downs.
If you have just had your baby or are brand new to exercise start with Birth to 6 weeks (or Caesarean to 6 weeks) for a selection of safe pelvic floor and core friendly sequences.  
Strengthen the Pelvic Floor  and  Stretch and Relax suit everyone (even partners!) and can be done at any time
The core focused videos follow a progressive order to lead you back to being ready to run or take part in a mainstream fitness class.
How to use the Promotion Code to get extended free access to Pactster
To watch the full videos first go to the site  CLICK HERE.
Choose the top right corner START FREE TRIAL button. This is usually only 14 days but fter you have entered your email address and chosen a password, the next screen will offer you a place to put a promocode.  Use promocode AmandaPostnatal to get ONE MONTH FREE access to all the videos on the site (HIIT, Babysleek Barre and yoga ones all good too). 
Galvanise Gluts will perk up your buttocks