Gadgets, devices & books

Readers often ask me what pelvic floor gadgets or devices they could use, or which suppliers to buy through. The choices can seem overwhelming. I’ve created this page so you have a handy reference to things I use in clinic and feel confident to recommend. This page will evolve over time as I discover new things or as availability changes. I will do my best to keep it under regular review!

Completely free resources and booklets have their own page

This page has quick links to the commercially available products.

Full disclosure, a few are affiliate links. If you use them (marked with a *) , I’ll get a small commission, which I use to help run the blog — there is no extra cost to you. I recommend these resources because I use them myself and have a lot of experience with them. Remember that for each resource, there are other options out there – these are simply what I use and love.

Kegel8/Stressnomore and are sister sites.

Products stocked by Kegel8 which you will find mentioned in the blog posts include electrical stimulation devices and biofeedback machines, personal lubricants, vaginal weights, incontinence underwear, therapeutic wands.

Please do use the special code SUPPORTEDMUMS at the checkout on either site to get a 15% discount on any purchase.

You will see that I have worked several times with the company founder, Stephanie Taylor, to create helpful educational videos for their customer service team and website. Stephanie and I share a passion for demystifying pelvic floor problems and helping women access equipment and tools that could help them improve and resolve their symptoms. You can rely on excellent customer service, extensive resources on their website and no quibble help with any problems with purchases.

Squeezy App

 Squeezy – the NHS Physiotherapy App for Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises, Propagator Ltd £2.99.  available for iphone or Android. Also offers the Apple Watch App for iphone.

EVB Sports Shorts  *  £60-£80

EVB SPORTS RANGE OF SHORTS, LEGGINGS AND CAPRIS are specially engineered to add support layers into the gusset and abdominal areas for uplift. Ideal for those who want to run and be active but could benefit from extra uplift for their pelvic floor and abdominals from the outside.