Pelvic Floor Exercises

Pelvic Floor Exercises Tena 101 Series

I was delighted to help Tena create a series of videos to clearly explain how to do pelvic floor exercises. This is a 101! First finding all the parts of your muscles and learning the 3 classic types of squeeze. Then progressing beyond the basics by practising co-ordinating your breathing. Finally learning to move your arms and legs, carry weights and even jumping! Work through the whole series to take your pelvic floor from GCSE to A Level!

Then come and work on some Pilates exercises with me next. Pilates will combine your pelvic floor skills with the rest of your core muscles and create functional movement patterns so that using your pelvic floor in real life is a natural skill for you. No more leaks, better pelvic organ support!

#1 In the past people were told not to tighten their buttocks or squeeze the anus.  But now we know it is important to use the back part of the pelvic floor as well as the front.  The back part creates the uplift action needed to support the bladder and uterus and prevent prolapse. 

#2. Next practice the three core skills: Quick squeezes, slow holds and The Knack. No rising up on your bottom!

#3. Now learn to co-ordinate using your pelvic floor muscles with moving your arms and legs.

We start lying down which is the easiest place to feel the pelvic floor muscles. Also a great place to practice if you have prolapse.

#4. And now rather more like real life. Don’t just leave your muscles hanging about in everyday life. No pelvic floors just wafting about! Practice standing up. Add some hand weights ! And then JUMPING!!

#5. Finally, not forgetting skills like standing up and sitting down with good pelvic floor control, and stretching out the pelvic floor muscles so that they don’t become tight.

You are not alone. Listen in as I chat with the beautiful exercise models about their experiences of bladder issues in their lives. #NoMoreMiserableMums