Pelvic Floor School

pelvic floor school anatomy and exercises

Puzzled by Pelvic Floor?

Do you need to get started on safe, effective, pelvic floor  exercises?  Or got a bit bored with your usual ones and needing a reboot?  Or want to ask some questions?

The videos below cover the essential anatomy (you need to understand it to make it work) and a variety of exercises.  With enormous thanks to Kegel8 for inviting me to make these high quality education videos with them.

Where exactly IS the pelvic floor? What does it do?

I know that you will find it much easier to do pelvic floor exercises if you have got a good visual picture in your head of where they are and most importantly how BIG they are.  When I show my life size pelvis in clinic that is the first thing most people comment on.  They are the same size as two hands put together! 

How does the pelvic floor support the uterus and bladder?

A quick explanation with my trusty model which shows our insides more clearly to show you how the pelvic floor  can help to keep your pelvic organs supported.

Anatomy of what we can see and why you should use the back part of the pelvic floor too

When we look at ourselves in a mirror it can be hard to work out which bit is which.  Let’s look at how the front and back areas of the pelvic floor should work together to give us the best closure to prevent leaking and support for the organs

Breathing correctly while you do pelvic floor exercises

Many people find breathing and doing pelvic floor really difficult.  Let me show you how to do both at the same time!  It’s all about know how…

You can overwork pelvic floor muscles. Relaxation is an exercise too

We are now more aware that muscles need to be both strong and flexible.  The pelvic floor muscles must be able to release to open the bladder and bowel and for comfortable sex.  Let me explain more…

How your weight and general health may affect you

We all tend to put on weight around our middle.  This can increase the strain on the pelvic floor muscles.  We discuss the benefits of losing even 1lb, improving your nutrition and the value of sleep.

My favorite “toes in/toes out” exercise & The Knack

Let’s do my favorite, bit quirky, exercise together.  It’s a great one for little and often through the normal day as you can do it standing up.  The Knack is learning to use your pelvic floor exactly when it matters…coughing, sneezing..laughing….

Challenge yourself to breathe AND move!

Once you have got the hang of the basic “hold and breathe” exercise, you can continue to challenge your pelvic floor to grow more by bringing in some light handweights.

Stability exercises to assist your pelvic floor

Holding your abdominals correctly when you walk could help reduce problems with bladder leaks.  In this video we will learn some core stability exercises that could be very beneficial to your bladder control (and back!)

Stretches for your pelvic floor muscles

All athletes know that we need flexible, stretchy muscles as well as strong ones.  These exercises focus on release and relaxing the pelvic floor.

Quick ways to stretch through the day

Concious that you are a bit of a pelvis/bottom gripper?  A few ideas to break the tension patterns during the day.