Pelvifly: how to use it for pelvic floor exercises

Do you have a Pelvifly?  Not sure how to use it? 

NEW: Add-on Support from Specialist Physiotherapists

The Pelvifly is a new bit of female health kit designed to help women practice pelvic floor exercises correctly.

Pelvifly has two parts, an internal device and a phone app. The K-Goal is a blue balloon probe which you put inside your vagina leaving a small handle-like antenna resting outside on your pubic bone.  The balloon part reacts to your pelvic floor squeezes and relaxations feeding information to an app on your phone.  In real-time you can watch your pelvic floor exercises with your own eyes! 

K Goal pelvifly device beside phone showing app

AND its fun! Truly. When you squeeze a butterfly moves up, when you relax it gently floats down. Getting clever you can land on flowers in an up and down pattern. Surprisingly challenging!

Pelvifly: how to use it completely by yourself

Straight out of the box, with no further costs, you sign up to the free App and Patient Portal on your phone.  There are clear instructions how to wash, insert and get started.

Pelvifly how to use

You will immediately be sent animated “muscle tests” to do.   First checking in on how well you can relax your pelvic floor muscles by breathing and keeping a butterfly still.  Then seeing your ability to squeeze your muscles very strongly, medium strength and softly, as you set your butterfly off collecting flowers.  Also it will test your ability to hold a contraction for several seconds.  

After your test sequence Pelvifly shows you graphs and gives you some data about your muscle skills.

Pelvifly chart of test results

This data is then used to send you daily challenges according to your test level.  There are 5 games with advancing levels.  Clever AI will send you the right levels.  Tasks will involve rockets flying through tunnels, basketballs into hoops and a cute octopus!  The games are designed to focus on different skillsets that pelvic floors need to learn; how to relax completely, how to contract both softly and strongly, endurance and speed training.

A path of progress will be automatically created for you with new levels & games unlocking as you improve your skills and performance.

Stuck with the Pelvifly? How to use it with online physio support 

The Pelvifly probe and free app is a fun and effective device to use DIY.  However, each person has an individual story and journey.  You may feel your problems need to be individually understood, and treatment & exercises planned according to your specific situation.  You may wish to work with a specialist physiotherapist, who has extensive post-graduate training in pelvic floor rehab, childbirth recover and care through the changes of menopause and beyond.

Work with a PelviCoach for a one off session or subscribe for a complete support package

The ideal is to find a physiotherapist local to you for regular face to face visits.  But if this won’t work for you (and this could be for a myriad of reasons other than Covid!) Pelvifly is an ideal tool to use remotely with a virtual physiotherapy service.

Who is a PelviCoach?

A PelviCoach is your personal training supervisor. In the UK Pelvifly have teamed up with the Mummy MOT network of Specialist Physiotherapists who can offer pure telehealth or hybrid virtual/clinic support, with the K-Goal for biofeedback, at the heart of your treatment package.

How can I book PelviCoach support?

  • Basic & Smart Plan users can select a PelviCoach from the list of available UK physiotherapists in the mobile app.  The PelviCach’s photo, biography and charges for a one-off consultation will be visible on the online portal. The PelviCoach will set up an online 30 minute consultation with you within 7 days. The PelviCoach will be able to see your test results, give you tips and advice about managing your issues and help you get the most from your automated programme.
  • A Care Plan subscription (£96 for one month) is also available.   You use the app to choose your PelviCoach from among a list of available specialists. You’ll receive a welcome message from them within 24 hours and make plans for a regular once a month online consultation with extra email or text support between.  On the Care Plan your PelviCoach will have the results of your tests and exercises, and access to every training exercise to tailor a unique programme for your bespoke needs.

More about Coaching on the monthly Care Plan

A PelviCoach wants your training to give the best results possible. In the first week she will organise a mutually convenient time for an initial half hour virtual or phone appointment to discuss your goals, your problems, and the results of your DIY training so far. She may also ask you questions relevant to the proper treatment of pelvic floor muscles. This includes questions about menstruation, childbirth, health problems, and sex life.

As a specialist physiotherapist she can also answer any questions you may wish to ask. She will explain what the training is like and how muscles work  &  – most importantly –  help you get started with your Pelvifly training programme. 

Exercises tailored to your needs

The muscle test which you perform when you use the app for the first time is crucial to your training plan. Your PelviCoach can see graphs of your results:

Pelvifly with a pelvicoach how to use

This really important information serves as the basis to determine the right level of exercise difficulty taking your capabilities into account. For example it may appear that it is not the contraction force of your muscles that needs your attention, but the endurance of your muscles. Your physiotherapist can set up  bespoke practice sessions using the full variety of games available so that you work on the skill-sets that will help you make the best and quickest progress.  

Monitor your progress

Through your first month your physiotherapist will keep in touch with you by email to make sure you are getting on well. You can use the message facility to contact them too.

At then end of the month your PelviCoach will send you a second test to help you both to analyse your progress.  Then each month thereafter, that you are subscribed to the Care package, you will arrange another virtual session to monitor, encourage and support you to progress towards your goals.  

Its not only about Pelvifly

Mummy MOT Physiotherapists have a wealth of skills and knowledge to share with you.  If you struggle with your pelvic floor technique, or want further face to face clarity or help with other issues they can arrange an additional face to face appointment with you or with a local colleague from the Network.

Pelvifly with a pelvicoach how to use

Supported by smart algorithms

Apart from the support of your PelviCoach, you’ll be also able to take advantage of additional in-app support. You’ll have access to motivating summaries with your training statistics and results of the performed exercises and muscle tests.

You’ll stay motivated to exercise systematically thanks to the path of progress featured in the app. It consists of 36 tasks which will help you achieve the best results possible if you complete them. By exercising on a regular basis and collecting points during your training sessions, you’ll be moving up the levels, from easier to more difficult ones. You’ll be going through three phases – consciousness, control, and improvement.

The benefits of the Pelvifly CARE plan

To sum up, the Care Plan is £96/month & includes:

  • individual supervision by a PelviCoach
  • a preliminary interview with a specialist
  • an analysis of the muscle test and a monthly comparison
  • a personalized training plan
  • exercises without vibration and with 20Hz/50Hz vibration, biofeedback
  • analysis of training sessions performed in a month
  • access to a PelviCoach by email or text
  • a history of exercises and training sessions – including results
  • reports summarizing your training periods
  • a progress path consisting of 36 tasks to enable you to achieve your goals and monitor your progress

Pelvifly is available in the UK from Pioneer Medical priced £130 (VAT exemption available)

Author: Amanda Savage MCSP MSt (Cantab) Specialist Physiotherapist

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