Vadgets! Podcast with Why Mums Don’t Jump

My first ever podcast experience this week. In which I tried to demystify the world of pelvic floor gadgets & devices. And was delighted that Helen Ledwick, talented presenter of the Why Mums Don’t Jump, award-winning podcast, coined the term “vadgets” !

It’s a big topic, vadgets! We managed to cover the difference between electrical stimulation, biofeedback, vaginal weights and reminder apps. Even touched on EVB shorts and good underwear!

A gallery of Vadgets discussed:

Do you like learning through listening to podcasts ? I hope this will be a useful conversation to listen to. Get your head around what each type of vadget does. And why you might (or might not) want one.

Want to learn more? We have a whole section on pelvic floor gadgets and devices (aka vadgets) here on the Supported Mums website. We offer knowledgeable depth about how they work, discerning reviews & comparisons, tips and advice on everything from electrical stimulation, biofeedback, vaginal weights and pessaries, phone apps and online fitness options. Choose the “gadget girl” section from the menu bar above.

Listen to us in Season 2 Episode 8: Pelvic Floor Gadgets.

Why Mums Don’t Jump is a wonderful resource. Interesting interviews with mums and health professionals about living with bladder and prolapse issues after childbirth. Highly recommended.

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