Postnatal Pilates classes on BEAM

  • Are you overwhelmed by which postnatal pilates exercises are best for you and when you should start them?
  • Keen to retrain your abdominals without creating a pot-belly or putting too much pressure on your pelvic floor?
  • Do you want guidance to know when to progress on to more challenging exercises?

I have developed a complete sequence of progressing postnatal Pilates classes for you to do at home. They are hosted on BEAM, an online platform specialising in providing on demand and live exercise to mums.

You can start right from the early days of coming home from hospital – getting confident moving safely even while you have sore & delicate bits. The videos then follow a progressive order to lead you back to being ready to run or take part in a mainstream fitness class.

In 25 minute Pilates sessions I will guide you through what to do and when. I will even tell you when to breathe – no thinking required!

Click through to and use my affiliate licence code BEAM-WITH-SUPPORTED-MUMS for 30 days free Gold Membership. This gives you full access to my on-demand and LIVE classes as well as others on the site such as HIIT, Babysleek Barre and yoga.

The videos show all the exercises which a physiotherapist would want to teach you in a clinic to help you restore your postnatal body and thrive as a new mother.

We use my favorite Pilates exercises to focus on your posture, core & pelvic floor. There are mobility sequences too – to stretch out your back, ease the aches & pains that come from a new life of feeding and carrying.

Exercises for after a Caesarean led by a specialist physiotherapist

If you have just had your baby or are brand new to exercise start with Birth to 6 weeks (or Caesarean to 6 weeksfor a selection of safe pelvic floor and core friendly sequences. Feel good and thrive from the earliest days.

Amanda Savage teaches a Pilates for you pelvic floor sequence

Strengthen the Pelvic Floor  is a stand alone sequence with every exercise cued to specially focus on making sure you integrate pelvic floor.

Essential practice if you had a tear or cut, have any hint of bladder or bowel leakage, are stuggling to get to the toilet on time, or feeling discomfort from pelvic organ prolapse.

postnatal pilates MInd the Gap I & II for non-crunch abs work

  • Mind the Gap I & Mind the Gap II for non-crunch abs work. No training pot bellies or straining against vulnerable pelvic floors here! Fabulous modern abdominal training techniques.

postnatal pilates exercises to galvanise your gluts

  • Galvanising Gluts will perk up your buttocks and give you power for climbing stairs and getting up off the floor holding a baby!

Postnatal Pilates Pre-run do 10 mins prep to prime the core

  • Pre-running Prep a 10 minute prep of pelvic floor and core BEFORE you take that wonderful run by yourself to get some fresh air & exercise

Postnatal Pilates includes Stretch & Relax is good for partners too!

Stretch and Relax is just 10 minutes. A sequence to wind down and be mindful. Try it before feeding, in the middle of the night or to help get a “rest” (if not an actual nap) during the day – it’s for everyone – even partners & toddlers!

Ready to take care of your postnatal body? Join our friendly community of mums. Click through to and use promotion code BEAM-WITH-SUPPORTED-MUMS for 30 days free Gold Membership (that’s double their usual free 14 trial offering!)