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Sore bottom? Try a hard chair


If you are nursing a tender bruised perineum after your childbirth heroics that doesn’t seem the kindest option does it?  But actually soft cushions or the sofa may press up against the sore area more than you would think, as they mould in around you. This can restrict the blood and lymphatic flow to the tissues.  It will all feel a bit numb after a while as you sit there but can feel very sore and achey when you stand up again.  Definitely NOT a ring cushion – an old fashioned solution – as they pull all your weight and pressure down into the centre just where you hurt the most.

My midwife was insistent that I sat on a kitchen chair to breastfeed to improve my posture.  I was still spectacularly unsuccessful at breastfeeding  but the positive outcome was that I noticed I didn’t ache so much in my undercarriage when my marathon feeding stint finished.

A harder surface and more upright chair works because you  take more weight through your feet and ‘sitting bones’ keeping pressure off the perineum and coccyx.  This stops the soft tissues and their blood supply from being squashed and lets air flow under.

When I worked in the hospital there were these fabulous “valley” cushions but they don’t seem to be available anymore (unless you want to splash £199 on amazon!).  Luckily I would suggest a cheaper alternative which we used to use if we ran out of the real deal: for an immediate DIY, or a subtle ‘out and about’ solution fold two matching hand towels into square blocks.  Put one under each bottom cheek leaving the perineum a few centimetres blissfully airborne in the middle.  Try it and smile as you find pressure relief!

If you have a long slow feeder or suffered with a good deal of stitches to the vagina or anal area, or are coping with piles,  you will be grateful for improved comfort for several weeks ahead.  Mother hens, be kind to your body.

How did you cope with a sore bottom and feeding?  If you have any tips to help other mums, please comment below.

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