Squeezy app review

Squeezy App: because we don’t remember To Do Them…

Squeezy App review:

Checklist (tick all that apply)

  • I Mean to do my pelvic floor exercises but then I Forget.  
  • I drift off partway through my routine. 
  • I like to do them at top speed to get them done
  • I always feel guilty that I should have done more
  • I can’t remember how many you’re supposed to do a day?
  • umm… what are you supposed to do again?

Easy Solution…

NHS Squeezy App.  It counts for you.  It reminds you.  It gives you a happy little chart and messages to tell you how clever you are when you do them.  All for £2.99.

NHS Squeezy app reminds you to do your pelvic floor exercises

So download it NOW (or re-upload it if you already had it but it’s now back in the cloud….). 

Other app features (which you may not have noticed!)

  • bladder diary – are you drinking too much or not enough?
  • reminders – set the perfect timings for you
  • record of your exercising – to feel pleased with yourself!
  • information about how to do your squeezes

And on the Squeezy website:

  • videos about how to do the exercises or change the settings
  • a Directory to help you find a physio

Beginners might want to change the settings

My only (minor) bugbear with it is that the default settings are actually your end goal (10 second holds, 10x in a row).  And the Quick squeezes are really quick!!.  Follow these instructions to make Squeezy App more user friendly for a beginner.

Any questions? Do ask in the comments below – you won’t be the only one with the same query!

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