Exercises & videos

Pelvic Floor School: video series

Do you need to get started on safe, effective, pelvic floor  exercises?  Or got a bit bored with your usual ones and needing a reboot?  Or want to ask some questions?

The videos in this series cover the essential anatomy  and a variety of exercises – not just the standard squeeze/let go ones!! 

Postnatal Exercise: BEAM with Supported Mums video links

  • Are you overwhelmed by which postnatal pilates exercises are best for you and when you should start them?
  • Keen to retrain your abdominals without creating a pot-belly or putting too much pressure on your pelvic floor?
  • Do you want guidance to know when to progress on to more challenging exercises?

I have developed a complete sequence of progressing postnatal Pilates classes for you to do at home. They are hosted on BEAM, an online platform specialising in providing on demand and live exercise to mums.

How to use a stimulation machine: video series


Are you thinking of trying a pelvic floor muscle stimulation machine? Or got one already but it’s been gathering dust?  Are you using yours correctly?

If you are puzzled by the settings, the different electrodes and which programme to use browse the videos in this series for answers to common questions.

If you are not sure if you need a stimulation machine or a biofeedback machine start with this article which explains the difference between them.