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Concerned about your pelvic floor, abdominals, bladder or bowel? 

Welcome.  As a specialist pelvic floor & women's health physiotherapist and experienced Pilates teacher, I want to help you get your body strong and supported again after your delivery.  I believe that if your body is in a good place you will cope better with the physical and emotional demands of motherhood.

This site brings you helpful, practical advice; sound medical information; pelvic floor and abdominal friendly exercises and signposts to great resources 

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Pelvic Floor School

Puzzled by pelvic floor anatomy and exactly how to do pelvic floor exercises? Detailed articles and vidoes to help you do the most effective exercises and do them correctly!

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First Aid for New Mums

Just had your baby?  Essential expert physio advice: how to look after your perineum & pelvic floor in the very early days to help healing, how to have a comfortable first poo and sit on a hard chair.....

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Peak Performance

Do you want to run, lift weights, zumba, hike? We want to support you with discussions, exercises and techniques & pro-tips that will help you reach that highest level of performance.

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Gadget Girl?

Do you love a bit of tech?  Wondering what are cones? Elvie? Squeezy?stim machines etc? Read about the gadgets, devices and apps  invented to help you with your pelvic floor and general fitness

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Let's talk about sex

We are not shy to talk about all issues that affect you after a baby.  Great specialist advice and information to help you regain your pre-baby Mojo.

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Everyone should know this..

This information is for you, your mum, your partner, their mum and your book club friends.  How often should you go to the loo? How should you sit on the toilet?  Why do tampons go sideways?....

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Thinking about running?  10 things to check before you take your postnatal body for a run.

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