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Amanda Savage specialist pelvic health physiotherapy for incontinence


Hello.  My name is Amanda Savage. I’m a physiotherapist who specialises in helping women of all ages find and train their pelvic floor & abdominal muscles.

This website brings you reliable advice & know-how from my clinic, that you can trust & follow to feel better now.

how to look after an episiotomy or tear

Just had your baby?  Physio advice: how to look after your sore bottom & pelvic floor from Day 1, how to have a comfortable first poo and how to sit on a hard chair…read more

a glass how much should you drink in a day

Information for everyone. How often should you go to the loo? How should you sit on the toilet?  Why do tampons go sideways?…read more

Field Guide: pelvic floor muscle stimulation machines

Do you love a bit of tech?  But wondering what to use? Elvie? Squeezy? Cones? Stim or biofeedback? In depth guides & resources…read more

bladder leaks when running

Do you want to run, lift weights, zumba? Supporting you with discussions, exercises & pro-tips…read more

Pelvic floor school videos

Puzzled by pelvic floor anatomy and exactly how to do pelvic floor exercises correctly…watch videos

postnatal sex pain

 Candid advice and information to help you regain your Mojo…read more

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Specialist physiotherapists have extensive post-graduate training to give membership of POGP

Postnatal Check

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  • 1 hour session for mums 6 weeks or 6 years after birth
  • Full examination of your pelvic floor
  • DRAM check
  • Posture
  • Exercise review & advice on progression

Pilates classes

  • Classes
  • Library of on-demand classes
  • 1:1 sessions

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