POGP booklet Fit for the Future

Essential advice and exercises after delivery

I believe that if your body is in a good place you will cope better with the physical & emotional demands of motherhood.  

Not sure what you should do? Lost your information from the hospital or midwife? Follow the link below to the best sound medical information put together for you by a team of specialist physiotherapists.

Early postnatal exercises have lots of benefits

Even though you are busy with your delicious newborn baby, taking time out to do some early postnatal exercises will help your recovery:   

  • moving your spine & stretching your muscles will help prevent back pain. You will alsosort out niggles before they build up. 
  • Your abdominal muscles need your attention to strengthen and tone. Exercise will give you back your shape and strength to support your back when lifting and carrying your baby
  • Just carrying a baby for 9 months stretches and weakens the pelvic floor muscles underneath.  A vaginal delivery further strains the muscles and you may have had cuts or tears in the muscle too.  Gentle pelvic floor exercises promote blood flow, reduce swelling and get the healing process off to a great start.


Physiotherapists promote MOVEMENT as soon as possible after delivery. This helps your circulation, stretches out your abdominal wall, regains your posture, engages your pelvic floor and supports your back.

My professional organisation POGP has developed a fabulous information booklet with all the information you need:

POGP booklet Fit for the Future

This free booklet has clear guidance and advice for the early days after your birth.  You can download a free pdf of “Fit for the Future” here.

The booklet includes pictures of rest, changing & feeding positions, getting in & out of bed, and bowel emptying. Specific advice for after a caesarean.  Detailed pelvic floor exercises, also starting and progressing your abdominal exercises.

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