exercises for the early days

Postnatal exercises for the early days

  • Are you overwhelmed by which postnatal pilates exercises are best for you and when you should start them?
  • Would you like to get going but not sure what you can do safely in the first few weeks?
  • Want to tone your abdominals without creating a pot-belly or putting too much pressure on your pelvic floor?
  • Are you looking for guidance about when to progress on to more challenging exercises?

I have developed a complete sequence of progressing postnatal Pilates classes for you to do at home. They are hosted on BEAM, an online platform specialising in providing friendly on demand and live exercise to mums.

Click through to BEAMfeelgood.com and use my affiliate code BEAM-WITH-SUPPORTED-MUMS for 30 days free Gold Membership. This gives you full access to my on-demand and LIVE classes as well as others on the site such as HIIT, Babysleek Barre and yoga.

Many mums are worried about exercising after their delivery. These exercises are for the first stage of your postnatal recovery. That tricky time from after delivery  to 6 weeks – full of myths & scare stories! Specialist physiotherapists like myself can guide you at this stage.

 Follow me through a sequence of  gentle but effective Pilates movements. The exercises safely mimic everyday activities like walking , climbing stairs & stretching. But I add clear cues about how to use your abdominal & pelvic floor muscles correctly at the same time. You will quickly feel stronger, more supported and comfortable again.

If you had a caesarean delivery I have made a special video for you to follow. Read  more in this post.

If you have exercised through your pregnancy you will LOVE to be using your body safely and effectively again.  If you are new to exercise, welcome to a wonderful fitness journey!

Can you help other mums?

Please help us let other mums know about our safe, pelvic floor friendly exercises & resources.  Many mums are worried and nervous about exercising. We want Supported Mums & BEAM to be friendly, safe places to get sound information and support on your postnatal journey. Please write a review at BEAM, and share the videos with a friend!


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