Is a pelvic floor stimulation machine right for you?

Are you thinking of trying a pelvic floor muscle stimulation machine? Perhaps you’ve got one already but it’s been gathering dust?!  Are you using yours correctly?

Are you are puzzled by the settings, the different electrodes and which programme to use? I can explain! 

I recently wrote an article on these devices, for my physiotherapy colleagues *. Can you believe I found more than 40 different products available to buy online? The manufacturers instructions can be a little hard to follow. I didn’t feel that there was enough explanation of how the machines work to help with pelvic floor problems.

* Savage A.M (2019) Neuromuscular electrical stimulation devices Journal of Pelvic, Obstetric & Gynaecological Physiotherapy, 125, 16-26

New Videos : How to use a pelvic floor stimulation machine

I have a new video series for you covering:

  • Why do we have machines to send electrical impulses to somewhere as delicate as the pelvic floor?
  • How muscle stimulation works – is it what you need?
  • Which probe is right for you
  • Step by step setting up your machine
  • How to use a pelvic floor stimulation machine for different problems eg stress incontinence, urgency, pain or prolapse or after delivery.
  • FAQs from clinic!

You will see that these videos were created as a project for Kegel8. However, you will find most of the information applies to stimulation machines in general.

These videos will help you understand your condition, as well as how the machines work. Then, you will be able to decide whether a machine would benefit you and which programmes you would choose.

How to use a Stimulation machine : video series link here

Stim or biofeedback??

Not sure if you need a stimulation machine (common brands are Kegel8, Nu-Tek, Sensatone or Pelviva) or a biofeedback machine (like Pelvitone, Elvie, Pericoach or Vibrance)?  Start with this article which explains the difference between them.

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